Measurement of Prism Angles, Focal Lenghts and Surface Planeity
OTDR and Optical Powermeter Measurements for Optical Fibers
Measurement of M2, Waist and Divergence
Measurement of Laser Energy, Power and Pulse Width
Measurement of Prism Angles, Focal Lenghts and Surface Planeity
Angles between plane surfaces

Goniometer Moeller-Wedel model Goniometer II-VIS

Telescope/collimator: f = 300 mm    

Accuracy of angle measurement: (mean error of series measurements) <0,6 arcsec.
Spectral range: 436 - 650 nm
Accuracy of refractive index measurements (mean error of series measurements): 10-5
Alignment: visual with autocollimator
Reading of  incremental circle automatically via computer and built-in counter board
Evaluation automatically with GONIOWIN software
Spectral lines :  F' (479,99 nm) - Cd, e (546,07 nm) Hg, C' (643,85 nm) Cd
Surface planeity

Interferometer Moeller-Wedel, model Melos 530-8, Software INTOMATIK-S for fringe evaluation

Type of interferometer: Fizeau    
CCD Camera : 752 x 582 pixels
Laser: fiber coupled He-Ne 632.8 nm
Exit aperture: 50 mm
Measurement accuracy: l/10 (p-v) visual, l/20 (p-v) with software evaluation
Adjustment range: 530 mm
Fine adjustment range: 1 m
Measurement range: 530 mm
Resolution: 1 m
Accuracy: 3 m
Granite base with threads for tilting table and XY-translation stage
Focal lengths

Focal length measurement device Moeller-Wedel, model Melos 530-3

Range of focal lengths: 5 mm ... 500 mm (positive), -5 mm  ...  -580 mm (negative), 2 mm ... 530 mm (back focal lengths)    
Free aperture: 28 mm
Max. specimen diameter: 200 mm
Reproducibility: 0,04 % (focal lengths) or 0,03 % ... 0,2 % (back focal lengths)
Measurement accuracy: 0,3%
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