The main objective of the INDICO laboratory is to characterize by optical and complementary methods of the materials, components and systems with application in optoelectronics, according to the objective of  the Excellence Research Program, which states the development of experimental and testing laboratories and of certification authorities according to the requirements of the European Union regarding conformity evaluation to technical regulations.     INDICO aims to provide services of evaluation of the conformity according to the harmonized European standards, associated to the required directives both to the public authorities supervising the market and to the manufacturers to fulfill their obligations. We are looking for characterization of some materials, optical fibers, optical amplifiers and lasers in an integrated form that assure a continuity in the applied research activities, leading to the achievement of products vendible in Romania and EU. The proposed methods refer to the measurement of the specific optical parameters for optoelectonic applications (identification and characterization of the composition of some materials used in optoelectronics, measurement of the output level in optical fibers and amplifiers, laser emitted energy, laser pulse width, laser beam diameter, intensity distribution, deviation from the Gaussian form, divergence). The measurement of the components parameters underlaying optoelectronic systems and parts is necessary to accomplish devices that incorporate lasers, optical fibers, optical amplifiers, optoelectronic materials, according to European standards of quality.     INDICO represents an opportunity to  the Technological Platform Advanced materials and technologies and aims the creation in Romania of the necessary frame for manufacture of components and systems according to the quality certification requirements of EU. The achievement and the certification of INDICO by the accreditation authorities enable  to reach an European level of examinations asked by juridical and physical persons interested in optoelectronic devices. The activities assigned  refer to: the development of the technical capability of INDICO by efficient equipments acquisition, the elaboration of the documents of the Quality Management System for the laboratory; the elaboration, testing and functionality demonstration of the testing methods, personnel training in quality management, the demonstration of implementation of the new methods by internal audit, preparement and registration of the documents for laboratory accreditation.